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    Inherit Penghui culture and build fine real estates. Since late 2006, our group has formally stepped in hotel and real estate industries.It successively acquired -the first five-star hotel in Hainan-Huandao Tide Hotel and the first four-star hotel in Beihai-Furama Hotel....

    As the main business of Penghui Group, food processing sets a solid foundation for the development of the group. At present, the group has 6 modern processing factories, whose processing scopes mainly include seafood, vegetables, canned goods, and meat products. Currently, the products are mainly exported to Japan, Europe and America. High-end foods in Chinese market will be the next strategic development objective of the group.
    International trade is another main business field of the group. Relying on the good reputation in European and African markets, the group successively won the bids of several national projects and gained much public praise. The trade area of the group covers mechanical equipments, entire ships and nets, farm and sideline products, mineral products and wood. Till the first half of 2009, the group finished the export of 1500 fishing boats and 100 large mechanical equipments, with a total export amount of 100 million dollars.
    Penghui Group has investments in such fields as real estate and agriculture in Canada, America, Africa, and Brazil, which provides future development space and operation guarantee for the group in future.



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